About Alisha & Lace

Alisha & Lace is from Taiwan. Our design team steadfastly believes that “We create the most beautiful and everlasting memories!” with our many years of experience. Alisha & Lace’s design team specializes in creating wedding outfits with different moods and atmospheres based on different styles and elements. “Every detail is crucial” is at the core of our design team’s spirit and values.

The design team at Alisha & Lace is fully involved in every step of the design process. From taking precise measurements of the bride, to the initial fitting, final addition of embellishments such as laces, crystals and pearls etc, and the most important part of the outfit – the veil, every single step is a critical focus of the design process. We ensure that every bride who walks on the red carpet can truly feel like a princess.

At Alisha & Lace, our designers carefully select materials and colors to inject an element of class according to each bride’s style. Alisha & Lace come from the Kingdom of Weddings, with the strength of providing the most suitable wedding gown for each bride, bringing out the best side of each bride on the most important day of her life.

At Alisha & Lace, we use love and passion to create every gown.

At Alisha & Lace, you will have a feast for your eyes.

We will ensure that every bride has an unforgettable wedding. With our wealth of wedding gown design experience, especially in the use of French lace. Our founding designer Alisha started from creating gowns with multiple textures, from beautiful silhouettes to linings, combines with detailed accessories to complete every exquisite hand-made gown. Since 1981, Alisha has been committed to designing for luxurious European and Middle-Eastern brands and creating magnificent gowns. Through the happiness and bliss of every newlywed whose dreams come true after putting on each perfectly hand-crafted piece of art by Alisha & Lace, we continue to allow every bride to have endless beautiful possibilities.

Alisha & Lace History


  • Alisha founded a workshop in Taipei, focusing on the ASEAN market.


  • Alisha & Lace was officially established in Taiwan.


  • Alisha & Lace opens its new flagship store in Taipei.


  • Alisha & Lace unveiled its new branch in Singapore.